AfriKnowledgeBank is on a mission to eliminate information friction in Africa. We provide a fully-integrated and easily-accessible platform where investors can collect, analyse and interpret African data.

Financial Report


We combine our expertise in economics, statistics, mathematics, and data science to give you unbiased views on investment opportunities in Africa.

  • Identify trends by factoring 'culture economics' into models, giving you a clearer picture of Africa.

  • Calculate and Analyse key metrics in real-time and make informed investment decisions as you go. 

  • Access our fully-integrated data concierge platform and proprietary research reports.


Futureproof your investment decisions in Africa with data, analytics, and custom research you can trust.

  • Drill down into key economic indicators and get enlightened on the best route to untapped attractive investment opportunities in Africa.

  • Understand the transmission mechanism of policy and key variables by watching real-time data trends.

  • Back-test your models by using our pool of time-series data, redirect assumptions, and reveal new prospects.

Monitor Performance

Stay up-to-date with the news and insights that can affect your portfolio based on our data-driven understanding of the past and outlook on the future.

  • Get notified when news or insights that will affect your investment performance comes to light. 

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